Great work: NTD Network PhD student in Brazil wins poster prize

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Congratulations to NTD Network PhD student Mr Douglas Escrivani Olivera, winner of the Zigman Brener award!
Douglas is studying for a PhD; he is based with NTD Network member Professor Bartira Rossi-Bergmann at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and is co-supervised by Professor Patrick Steel, from Durham University, UK.
The Zigman Brenner award for best research poster is given annually at the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Parasitology (SBPz)/XLV AnnualMeeting on Basic Research in Chagas’ Disease, held in November each year in Cazambu, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The picture above shows Douglas at this year’s SBPz meeting (5th-7th November, 2018).  His poster, entitled, “Identification of a chalcone molecular target in Leishmania using the CuAAc click reaction”, reports research findings from work conducted at both UFRJ and in Durham.
Douglas also presented these findings earlier, at our Network CRISPR-Cas9 training workshop in Rio; the “2nd Advanced School in Molecular Parasitology- CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Protozoa” held at UFRJ from July 16th to 20th, 2018.
Well done Douglas!!

Here is Douglas, hard at work in the lab of co-supervisor Patrick Steel, during his research visit to Durham in October 2017 (Image: Ehmke Pohl)