Sharing our expertise: The COMSTECH-NTD Network online joint virtual training programme

The COMSTECH and the NTD NETWORK have joined forces to produce a virtual lecture programme, launched June 2021, and covering the skills needed for research into Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).  These live webinars are aimed at academics, professional scientists and interested members of the general public.  See this page for a list of all our talks, and links to YouTube recordings. … Continue reading

SIXTH COMSTECH-NTD Network Webinar: Structure-based drug design: Towards new anti-infectives

Webinar 6: 2nd February 2022: 

“Structure-based drug design: Towards new anti-infectives”

Professor Ehmke Pohl
TIME: 15:00 Pakistan 10:00 UK 07:00 Brazil
Register to attend this meeting:

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NTD Network outreach: Cutaneous leishmaniasis introduction on YouTube!

Part of the ‘neglect’ of the Neglected Tropical diseases (NTDSs) leishmaniasis and Chagas disease arises from a lack of awareness, both from those at risk of infection and amongst the academic community. In response to this unmet need, our first video is now live on YouTube.  ‘Cutaneous leishmaniasis: An introduction” is a short film, based on the experience of a family in an endemic area.  This first animation is supported by the Durham Matariki Global Health theme.  Please watch below, share on social media and subscribe to our channel! … Continue reading

The 2021 MUSTAFA prize goes to Prof M Iqbal Choudhary, our Pakistan HUB lead!

Heartfelt congratulations go to our NTD Network HUB lead for Pakistan, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, who is today being awarded the 2021 winner of the Mustafa (PBUH) Prize for his services in the field of bio-organic chemistry!  This year’s ceremony, held today in Tehran, Iran, is part of a 4-day event that includes talks and workshops – enabling Iqbal and his fellow 2021 Laureates to share their passion for science with an international audience, including many early-career researchers.

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