NTD Network goes online: our seminar programme for 2020!

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With COVID-19 curtailing everyone’s movements worldwide, our  Network members are now meeting online!  Our seminar series launched last week, and will run through the rest of this year, with talks scheduled from our Network HUB leads and Network Fellows.  Please note these seminars are closed meetings, for our current NTD Network members and their teams, plus our international advisory panel – if this includes you, there will be email updates ahead of each meeting, with instructions on how to join the meetings. Click ‘more’ for the timetable and speakers schedule.  We hope to see you soon!
Section 1: HUB Leads
3rd June
Prof Ariel Siber
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
How Trypanosoma cruzi uses metabolism to cope with its highly dangerous lifestyle
Host: Dr Brian Mantilla, Durham University
17th June, 2020
Professor Nahid Ali
Council of Scientific & Industrial Research – Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR-IICB) Kolkata, India
New antigenic markers for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis
Host: Dr Kalesh Karunakaran, Durham University
1st July, 2020
Prof Iqbal Choudhary
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi)
Generating Chemical Space for Anti-leishmanial Drug Discovery and Development – Phenotypic Screening, Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies
Host: Dr Hachemi Kadri, Durham University
15th July, 2020
Professor Paul Denny
Centre for Global Infectious Diseases, Durham University
Protozoan ‘drug’ discovery: old drugs, new targets and mining for novelty
Host: Dr Katrien van Bocxlaer, University of York
Section 2: Network Fellows
16th September 2020
Host: Dr Paul Denny (Durham, UK
Dr Kalesh Karunakaran (Durham University)
“Chemical proteomics for unravelling stress adaptation mechanisms in Leishmania”.
Dr Nathanial Jones (University of York)
“Validation and characterisation of Leishmania bromodomain factors as potential drug targets”
Dr Hachemi Kadri (Durham University)
“Innovative drug discovery strategies for Neglected Tropical Diseases”
7th October, 2020
Host: Dr Paul Denny (Durham, UK)
Dr Brian Mantilla
Centre for Global Infectious Diseases, Durham University
Understanding Inositol Pyrophosphate IP7 functions in Leishmania parasites
Dr Katrien van Bocxlaer
University of York, UK
Drug development for CL: a snapshot