Professor Silvia R. B. Uliana


Associate Professor, Department of Parasitology


Chemoterapeutic alternatives for the treatment of leishmaniasis


Department of Parasitology, University of São Paulo


São Paulo, Brazil

After training and working as an MD with specialization in Infectious Diseases, Silvia undertook PhD studies at the Biomedical Sciences Institute on leishmaniasis diagnosis using molecular biology approaches. A research post at Imperial College followed, with work directed at gene expression and virulence factors in Leishmania. Presently an Associated Professor at the Biomedical Sciences Institute at University of Sao Paulo, her work is now mainly focused on chemoterapeutic alternatives for the treatment of leishmaniasis. In Dr. Uliana’s laboratory all the requirements for in vitro and in vivo testing of antileishmanial drugs, as well as for the biochemistry work necessary to validate putative targets are in place.