Professor Paul Denny


Network Director; Professor, of Parasitology


Molecular, biochemical and cellular biology of kinetoplastid protozoan parasites


Centre for Global Infectious diseases, Durham University


Durham, United Kingdom

Paul undertook PhD studies at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research focused on the vestigial plastid of the apicomplexan protozoa. Subsequently during research posts at Imperial College he developed interests in the molecular, biochemical and cellular biology of kinetoplastid protozoan parasites, most notably lipid biosynthesis in Leishmania species. Since his arrival at Durham University in 2004 Paul has used multidisciplinary approaches to study and exploit novel drug targets within both kinetoplastid and apicomplexan pathogens.
In addition to his University and GCRF Network roles Paul also serves as Treasurer of the British Society for Parasitology, responsible for the financial governance and sustainability of the preeminent parasitology society in Europe.