Dr Julia Cricco


Professor of Biophysics / Independent Researcher


T. cruzi / Chagas Disease


Universidad Nacional de Rosario / CONICET


Rosario, Argentina

Ph.D. (Biological Sciences, Rosario-Argentina) and Post-Doc (Utah-USA and a short training stay at
the Department of Parasitology, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil). Julia Cricco return to Argentina as
a permanent staff researcher of CONICET (Argentina National Research Council) at the Institute of
Cellular and Molecular Biology of Rosario (IBR-CONICET, UNR) in 2005, receiving a several national
grants form CONICET and ANPCyT (National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology)
to investigate on heme transport and metabolism in T. cruzi, the parasite that cause Chagas
disease. She is now a Professor of Biophysics on the School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical
Sciences at Universidad Nacional de Rosario and Independent Researcher at CONICET. He is an
active member of SAP (Argentinean Society of Protozoology). Her group is interested in elucidating
how T. cruzi is able to take heme from its hots, how it is managing the intracellular heme
concentration, delivering the cofactor to the target heme-proteins, and how all these processes are