Professor Guillermo Labadie


Network Institutional Lead (UNR); Professor of Organic Chemistry


Development of new medications for neglected tropical diseases, tuberculosis, neurosciences and cancer


Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR)/CONICET


Rosario, Argentina

Ph.D. (Synthetic organic Chemistry, Rosario-Argentina) and Post-Doc (Mississippi and Utah-USA) (Medicinal chemistry-NTDs, bioorganic and protein chemistry) Guillermo Labadie return to Argentina as a permanent staff researcher of CONICET (Argentina National Research Council) at the Rosario Chemistry Institute (IQUIR-CONICET) in 2005, receiving a TDR-WHO re-entry grant to start a program of drug development for Chagas disease. He is now a Professor of Organic Chemistry on the School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Rosario National University and Independent Researcher at CONICET. His group navigates the frontier between chemistry and biology, looking for chemical tools to answer biological questions. He main interest have been directed to development new medications for neglected tropical diseases and tuberculosis, recently expanded to neurosciences and cancer. He is the Head of the Organic Chemistry Department since 2013 and part of Phytomedicine editorial board. He is an active member of SAIQO (Argentinean Organic Chemical Society) and founder and current treasurer of the Argentinean Mass Spectrometry Society.