Dr Mags Leighton


Project officer: communications and outreach


Communications and outreach


Durham University


Durham, UK

In my current role, I deliver outreach and support project coordination on behalf of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.  My responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating information sharing through web content and direct communications
  • Supporting students and early career researchers in accessing training opportunities
  • Facilitating collaboration between our research teams
  • Representing the Network at scientific meetings
  • Liaising with industrial partners

Previously, as a medical writer with Open Health Communications LLP, I specialised in infectious diseases including HIV and hepatitis C.  My training includes degrees in genetics (Liverpool), ecology (Durham) and plant molecular biology (Durham), and post-doctoral studies in intracellular signalling (calcium and reactive oxygen species).  I moved into science outreach in 2013, writing for the Cambridge University-based (patron: Sir David Attenborough).