Professor Claudio A. Pereira


Network Institutional Lead; Professor of Parasitology


Trypanosoma cruzi / Chagas disease


University of Buenos Aires / National Scientific and Technical Research Council / CONICET


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Claudio is the director of the “Laboratory of Molecular Parasitology” at the University of Buenos Aires. His group currently has 2 PhD students 1 Postdoc and 1 Associate researcher. His laboratory has been working for more than 10 years on the identification of Trypanosoma cruzi protein targets that can be used in new therapies for Chagas disease. These targets have been validated and applied to the development of synthetic drugs or repositioned compounds identified by computer simulations. The metabolic routes studied are mainly membrane transport processes and the energy metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites. In addition, Claudio is a member of the committee of the Argentinean Society for Parasitology.