Professor Bartira Rossi-Bergmann


Network Ethics Officer; Network Institutional Lead (UFRJ); Professor of Parasitology and Nanotechnology; Founder of LeishNano startup


Nano and micro- technological development of novel vaccines and drugs


Institute of Biophysics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)


Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Bartira obtained her BSc in Biomedicine from the University of São Paulo – Brazil;  MSc in Medical Parasitology from LSHTM – University of London;  and  PhD in Biology from Brunel University – UK on chemotherapy and immunology of leishmaniasis and African trypanosomiasis. Then, she got a research post at FIOCRUZ (Brazil) focused in clinical leishmaniasis and post-doc in University of Toronto – Canada on tolerogenic vaccination in transplantation later applied with success to leishmaniasis. Presently, she holds a professorship post in UFRJ where she is a member of the animal ethics committee, and the Head of the Leishmaniasis Group working in mucosal vaccines and drug release systems for leishmaniasis. In the industry area, Bartira has developed projects with pharmas like SANOFI and GSK, and founded the LeishNano startup for the nano and micro- technological development of novel vaccines and drugs