Professor Patrick Steel


UK HUB lead; Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Fundamental organic synthesis


Department of Chemistry, Durham University


Durham, United Kingdom

Following a DPhil (Oxford, UK) and Post-Doc (Columbia, USA) (natural product synthesis / methodology development) Patrick Steel started a lectureship in Organic Synthesis at Durham University in 1990. He held a prestigious Royal Society Industrial Fellowship with GSK (medicinal chemistry 2000-01) and is now a Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Durham. His group, currently 9 PhD students, study problems in fundamental organic synthesis (C-H activation) and use organic chemistry techniques to answer important questions in chemical biology with a particular interest in neglected tropical diseases, notably leishmaniasis. He was Head of the Organic Chemistry Section at Durham University 2007-2013 and is an elected council member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemistry Biology Interface Division 2013-2019.