Dr Hachemi Kadri


NTD Network Fellow (Durham, UK)


Medicinal chemistry and chemical biology


Department of Chemistry, Durham University


Durham, United Kingdom

Hachemi Kadri received his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design at the University of Cardiff, where he worked with Professor Andrew Westwell on the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel anti-cancer agents. After his PhD, he joined the Mehellou group to work on unravelling the roles of phosphates in cell signalling and drug discovery at the University of Birmingham and later at Cardiff University. Hachemi has developed multidisciplinary research skills and expertise that span the fields of medicinal chemistry, computer-aided drug design, high throughput screening, protein crystallography and biochemistry and has been involved in tackling various drug discovery projects in key therapeutic areas including immuno-oncology, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.

Fascinated by the exciting research vision of the Global Network for the Neglected Tropical Diseases initiative, Hachemi has recently joined the Network as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Durham University (January 2019) where he will focus on developing innovative chemical approaches and tools to validate novel targets in Chagas disease and leishmaniasis.