Early Career Researcher online conference – for our NTD Network PhDs and PDRAs!


18-19 February, 2021


Calling all our ECRs! 
If you are involved with the NTD Network research programme or a related project, please enrol and participate in your ECR conference, this February!
We need an abstract for your poster/talk (300 words) by Friday January 29th, 2021  please!  


The ECR conference: Thurs 18th and Fri 19th Feb, 2021
***NB this is a closed meeting for NTD Network members only***
Presenters are NTD Network-funded and associated PhD and PDRA researchers
Attendees are Network members only: The audience will comprise our PIs from around the world, plus their teams, and members of our international advisory group panel (the IAG) – all of whom would have attended our AGM in York 2021, which sadly we have had to cancel for the second year running, due to COVID-related travel and meeting restrictions.  In lieu of this missed opportunity for meeting in person, we are hosting an online event, held via zoom over 2 consecutive days.
Schedule to include:
    Speaker sessions and poster sessions;
                 15 minutes per speaker/session
                 12 sessions on each day, with scheduled breaks and time for questions
                 Poster sessions as breakout rooms
                 Our Network Fellows will chair sessions
Timetable (Thurs 18th and Fri 19th, 2021):
                2x sessions of 4h each, to allow for attendance across time zones
                UK: 12:00pm-4pm GMT
                        India: 5:30pm-9:30pm
                       Pakistan: 5pm-9pm PST
                       South America: 9am-1pm
Schedule to be confirmed when we have the abstracts.  All attendees will receive an abstract book.
Zoom hosting support from Durham University