2nd Advanced School in Genetic Manipulation of Parasitic Protozoa in Rio – Own Event


16-20 July 2018


Summary: This course will provide students from neglected disease endemic countries and the UK with theoretical and practical training in the latest technologies for exploitation of genomes of parasitic protozoa using genetic manipulation.  The parasites covered in the theoretical component of the course will include Leishmania spp., Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma brucei and Toxoplasma gondii and will describe how genetics can be used to validate drug targets and to identify novel molecular mechanisms involved in host-parasite interactions.  In the practical element of the course, students will use CRISPR-cas9 to carry out genome editing of their parasite of choice (selected from Leishmania mexicanaor Trypanosoma cruzi) to generate gene deletion mutants and/or in situ gene epitope tags.

Organisers:  Ana Paula Lima (UFRJ), Jeremy Mottram (York), Santuza Teixeira (UFMG), Eva Gluenz (Oxford)

Where and when:  Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; 16-20thJuly 2018

Funding:  GCRF (UK)

Numbers:  Maximum number of students for practicals:  18.  No limit for lectures on theory

Format:  Morning lectures and afternoon practicals and/or poster sessions.

Deadlines: Deadline for practicals has passed (30 April 9:00am BST) and no further applications are considered, applications for lectures only are welcome

Lectures:  2 x 1.5 hrs each day on use of genetic manipulation to exploit parasite genomes, validate drug targets and to investigate essential biological processes of parasitic protozoa.  Open to all.

Practical: CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing (epitope tagging and gene knockout) for Leishmania mexicanaor Trypanosoma cruzirunning for 1 week in parallel, students to choose species they wish to work with.  During the course students will be able to design primers to delete their own gene(s) of interest.

Poster sessions: Students will present their current research to the class and faculty

Group presentation: At the end of the course students will present the work carried out during the practicals.

Lecturers:  David Horn, Dundee; Richard McCulloch, Glasgow; Carlos Robello, Montevideo;  Esteban Serra, Rosario;  Lia Soares Medeiros, Curitiba; Lilach Sheiner, Glasgow

Leads for Practicals: Leishmania (Eva Gluenz, Tom Beneke, Oxford; Carol Catta-Preta, York/Rio de Janeiro), Trypanosoma cruzi (Santuza Teixeira + Gabriella Burle-Caldas, Belo Horizonte)

Further informationntd.network@durham.ac.uk